Monday, June 11, 2018

Big Pond Rumours Literary Magazine

I've just been advised by Sharon Berg, the General Editor of Big Pond Rumours that the e-zine, in addition to embedding cool new pages into its online presence, has moved its submissions process to Submittable.

This will make it easier for authors to submit their work and to participate in contests.

There is something to be said for small presses - they are the lifeblood of an inclusive, grassroots literary scene. 

Big Pond Rumours, an international literary e-zine located in Sarnia, ON, does just that - creating excitement for writing, reading events and shared literary experiences. 

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Issue 3 of the Horror Literary Magazine "Cadaverous Magazine" is out

Issue 3 of the online Horror Literary Magazine "Cadaverous Magazine" has just been released.

The Founder/Editor-in-Chief of the magazine is Alexa Findlay.

I am happy to be present in this issue with the poem "Veil" - on page 26.

Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Winter Morning Warm-Ups. Three Cons and Pros for Writing a Blog Post

I've pretty much given up on writing blog posts for several reasons:


1. I suddenly hate my blog's somewhat pompous title.

2. Nobody reads my posts, I have a zero - albeit world-wide - audience.

3. My sense is that blogging is a vanishing form of writing, dying a slow death at the hands of Twitter micro-blogging, video blogging, Instagram feeds and the likes. 

So why bother posting a snippet today?

Here are:


 1. I can write in the privacy of my own online POST-IT notes (blog) since no one ever navigates to them. 
See # 2 above under CONS.
This is cool - having a 'go to' place all to myself & accessible from everywhere.

2. Writing nonsense is an extremely enjoyable way of life. [Strongest 'pro' - enough said.]

3. All the keying, arranging and brainstorming for this tiny post serves as a warm-up for the rest of my day.

Especially today, on what shapes up to be another undecided day in a winter to spring journey.

I'm done now.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

2018 Winter Edition of Big Pond Rumours e-zine

The 2018 Winter Edition of the Big Pond Rumours e-zine published by Sharon Berg in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada  is now available online.

I am glad to be present in this issue with six poems from a cycle of poems called “Barn” – they were written for a poetry reading on “Canadian rural poetics” organized by Mr. Conrad DiDiodato.

The imaginary barn I chose as a backdrop for my poems is located in an iconic winter-to-spring transitional season with which so many of us in Southern Ontario are familiar:

It's a wet, late spring that makes its way
across Lake Ontario through freezing rain,
barely unravelling snow from tree tops.

The six poems in the "Barn" cycle are:

I- Barn Door

Monday, June 26, 2017

The "Canada Bowl"

 The Gardiner Museum, located at 111 Queen's Park in Toronto is Canada's national ceramics museum.

The museum  houses an impressive collection of fine porcelain and ceramics that spans centuries and civilizations - from the Ancient Americas to modern and contemporary ceramics. 

On the first floor of the museum, by the entrance into the European Procelain of Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries Collection, the "Canada Bowl" is on display.

The "Canada Bowl" - front view 

 It is a Meissen porcelain bowl, manufactured around 1724-25, and painted by Johann Gregor H√∂roldt which depicts some of the earliest scenes of Canada on porcelain - according to the museum's presentation.

It is also one of the museum's most prized artifacts.

As noted in the presentation - the scenes on the "Canada Bowl" are inspired by engravings of Canadian clothing at that time  published by Carel Allard in 1695. 

The "Canada Bowl" - view from the back. 

On the same floor there is an interesting  collection of porcelain exhibits that bring to life other images of past centuries in Canada:

The Gardiner Museum is open on July 1st and the admission is free on this date - yet  another opportunity to celebrate Canada 150!

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