Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Eye of Poetry

Browsing through some of Seamus Heanney’s poetry tonight, I sense the importance of seeing in his poems as one of his cardinal themes. 

This can be understood, even by noting some of the  titles of his books:
‘Seeing things”, “The Haw Lantern”,“Door into The Dark”.

An excerpt from the poem The Haw Lantern:

"…a small light for small people
wanting no more from them but that they keep
the wick of self respect from dying out
not having to blind them with illumination"

might point us  further towards some of the attributes of this sense of vision: clarity, classical balance and  fundamental harmony. 
His sense of vision is an allegory of seeing - and  it is the vision of poetry itself. 

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Dominic Rivron said...

And I think he has an uncanny way of making you vividly aware of the physical attributes of words - he draws attention to each word as an object, while at the same time drawing them together to make meaning. Word-pebbles on a beach.

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