Monday, November 09, 2009

An Invariant of the Poetic Language

There are a few invariants of the poetic language, no matter the time, place and manner of writing.

One of them is silence. 
Poetry is equally made up of silence and of words. 

Pauses, voids of sound and letters, eddies of quiet split-seconds & respiros break up and re-construct the interior rhythm which is the shell of poetry. 

Whether such pauses might be commas, full stops or dashes, blank spaces, line breaks and/or foreign symbols is left to the imagination of the writer. 
A reader perceives silence, in his/her own stride, as he/she is called upon to grapple with the harmony and meaning of words.  

Silence is the interval  between two  heartbeats and, in writing, an equivalent of pizzicato.

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