Saturday, December 12, 2009

Inukshuk - A Poem for Students and Children

                 A poem for students and children. 


I have heard you murmuring a story to the robin,
whistling it rather ,
among rustling maple leaves.

I have seen you shifting
the balance of your shoulders at dawn, 

when clouds move like small pebbles at the bottom of a creek,   
snaking out towards rivulets in the sky.  

I have felt your joy – your skin made of rock
caressed my palms through snow
and early morning mists crawling across the stillness of the lake.

Your faceless head rested over my shoulder
when you were sad.

We were once one and the same, my inukshuk friend.

Time has given us different shapes.
Cast in stone, you keep the roads safe.

Alive and restless, I write about your dreams.

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