Friday, January 08, 2010

Venice - II - Dome

The violin tightly gathered in your fist,
- your other hand fumbling for my wrist,
all is ice and our lips
call out the melody of Styx.

It had been love at first sight,
or worse, at the first syllable of a verse
uttered in the dark.

I whisper your name
and my mask sears my heart.

A painted tear adorns the night.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any work published? I'm desperate to buy your anthology! You're a real poet.

Irina said...

Thank you very much Omotade!

Yes, I have published two books of poems and won two literary awards in,yes, you must have a 'detective's talent' for poetry...:o)...

Since moving to Canada, I've started to write in English and French,and recently I have taken to the net in search of an audience...
It is very rewarding to see that someone reads my poems...and even more rewarding to have a dialogue with you.
I like the way you write too and the courage and 'oomph' you put in your blog, its energy and sense of direction...keep at it, keep going.
I will be publishing more poems here...have barely finished a virtual art-and-poetry "exhibition"(website) working with a fellow artist and painter from Berlin. The site is - it is in French and we are launching it on January 14th, but feel free to take a peek - it's almost done. If we get a good 'vibe', we'll try to create an English site too. Take care and let's please stay in touch...In the words of the poet Tony Harrison
" I've got to find the right words on my own".



Anonymous said...

Awww, will sure continue to keep an eye (or both eyes lol) out for your work! Thank you for sharing online too. Keep doing what you do. :)

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