Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Midwinter Night's Dream with Molière

At the Théâtre Français de Toronto (TFT), Molière’s characters are embroiled in a midwinter night's dream, which runs to February 20th, 2010 and where English subtitles are available at many performances. 

The play in question is « Les Médecins de Molière » (Molière’s Doctors), which the TFT describes as a carefully orchestrated selection of scenes from Molière’s Le Médecin volant (The Flying Doctor) and Le Médecin malgré lui (The Mock Doctor). 

The text of Molière becomes an occasion for improvisation and dramatic creation in which a daring and original artistic approach blends in surprise and farce in an atmosphere of euphoria. 

The director of the play is Jean Stéphane Roy, Dominic Manca has created the set and lightning, Jean-Michel Ouimet has created the soundscape, Nina Okens the costumes, Annie Parkinson is responsible for the makeup, Tina Goralski is the stage manager and Janelle Rainville the production manager.

During the show, the actors prompt the public for words, words that they mix up in subsequent monologues and motions. 
A few scenes use marionettes.
The first of the two marionettes is extracted from of a box full of lights, an apparition I personally recorded with amazement and child-like enchantment.
Licentious allusions and gestures float in the air.
A collection of huge boxes acts as setting, backstage and dramatic revolving door.
It’s a show full of energy and movement in which the cast shines, and in which Chanda Legroulx, Sophie GouletNicolas Van Burek, Vincent Poirier and Pierre Simpson and Anie Richer delight the public with their inventive interpretations.

Molière’s text glitters in the limelight almost as an after thought to this dynamic performance….”Monsieur, the thrashing I had the honor of giving you…”

Here is the announcement - “bande-annonce” - posted on Youtube and interpreted by Vincent Poirier. 

The link to the blog of the French Theatre in Toronto can be found here:

and a few other moments from the preparation of the show can be viewed on Youtube:

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