Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is Poetry A Harmless Topic?

I often think that my choice of poetry, as a fundamental way of remaining alive, stems from a need for security.

When we voice an opinion, there’s a high chance that this opinion would be met with rudeness, insults, and caustic jibes, or plain gratuitous meanness, taking one’s thoughts completely out of the context or the topic they were trying to affirm.

At first glance, it would appear then that poetry is an abode against the menacing and nauseating territory described above.

At first glance, poetry may seem more of a safety zone, since it’s less susceptible to generate violent verbal volleys or eternal venom.

Given its abstract connotations, poetry may become a neutral topic, much like a discussion on weather which you can easily take up with a stranger.
A subject fundamentally polite, where every opinion is accepted with tolerance and the replies, even if malevolent, acquire an air of bland civility through metaphors.

 Poetry is often indirect, even if through the act of redirecting reality, it becomes very direct and uncomfortable. Difficult to tolerate.

Difficult to tolerate especially by those who embrace ugliness.

This is only at first sight. In reality, poetry is far, far from being a harmless topic.

Which begs the question …. if poetry is not a harmless topic, what kind of topic is it?

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