Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Opening of "Unmoorings" by Bogdan Luca on June 4th 2010 in Toronto

Bogdan Luca at the opening of "Unmoorings" - June 4th, 2010 in Toronto

  Tea and Heartbreak by Bogdan Luca - from "Unmoorings"

 I arrived at the opening of "Unmoorings" at about 8:30 pm.

First impressions – the faint smell of oil, delicately oozing from the canvas of the paintings. A multi-dimensional harmony of composition, a fluidity of colors cascading from the walls of the exhibition in colours I have never seen before.

Or, if I had seen these colors in previous moments of my life, it’s likely I had failed to understand their meaning up till now. 

Event Horizon by Bogdan Luca - from "Unmoorings"

The palette of “Unmoorings” vibrates in a mix of deep blue, cerulean light blue from Giotto’s panoply, pink, red, white, undertones of lilac and shades of black. And possibly many more hues, filtered, throughout the evening, in a melodic space. 

 Hearts of Oak by Bodgan Luca - from "Unmoorings" 

In “Unmoorings”, Bogdan Luca’ s brush moves in a rhythm held in balance by a temperament full of rigor, out of whose shell an unbridled artistic creativity springs forth. 

 Exploding Rainbow by Bodgan Luca - from "Unmoorings"  

The images of his paintings, of a haunting and wintry beauty, continue to follow me, even as I end this post.

Machine of Desire by Bogdan Luca - from "Unmoorings" 

“Unmoorings” – June 2nd to June 27th, 2010
Wednesday-Friday 12-6 pm
Saturday-Sunday 12-6 pm
1183 Dundas Street West Toronto, ON, M6J 1X3

The exhibition can be viewed on line at 

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