Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Sculptures of Keld Moseholm

One of the artists whose work I discovered at  Art Toronto 2010 was Keld Moseholm.

The Danish artist, whose striking sculptures bear an air of enigma, brings forth strange, rubicund characters, who seem involved in vigorous efforts & in absurd, yet engrossing activities. 

At the time that Keld Moseholm's art was on display in Toronto, the artist was awarded 
the Balnaves Foundation Sculpture Prize at the Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2010 event.

Here is Keld Moseholm's website and a few pictures I took at Art Toronto 2010.
An interesting film on youtube narrates some moments from Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2010 and  Keld Moseholm's presence there.


Conrad DiDiodato said...


I've noticed the prevalence of rotund figures in Moseholm's work (at his website).

Is he celebrating the elegance and dignity of largeness in a thin-obsessed world? This is work I'd like to see up close.

Thanks for the introduction to Keld Moseholm!

Irina said...

Hello Conrad:

It’s hard to decipher what the rotund people in Keld Moseholm’s art are up to, and this contributes to the appeal – made of enigma and intriguing thoughts – of his works.

My personal opinion is that these rounded figures are shaped by the environment in which they roam and they simply fit nicely within their absurd and intense activities.

I view their universe as fraught with tension, stress, in ceaseless back-and-forth & on the prowl for discovery and experiment.

Thank you for your message....I've meaning to post some of the pictures I took at Art Toronto for a while...could not find the time.

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