Monday, March 07, 2011

Antiques Store

Harlequin Rose 

Why the quietude?
Inside the antiques store our images whirl around oblong frames, congregating
on edges of plants – a topiary that attaches itself to thin wires.

Pods, stems, and cones
in dried flower arrangements.

Against porcelain.

Against the cool, almost resonant & transparent mood of the penumbra
where our fingers are laced through
as we hold a cup against the specter of the sun.

Our fingers crawl, clad in kaolin, & expect you 
to be the shelter of this transparency, the holder of the harlequin rose,

each diamond a fixed shadow against the nettling of its hues.

And the moment shepherds us through the blossoming
of a  frugal resonance, as we bring the cup to our lips

- a compass over a silence where no petal is due. 


Bobby said...

Antiques remind us of our heritage and culture.I am glad for being here for having awareness of the Antique Shops for getting the antiques online.

Conrad DiDiodato said...


I love the opening line. What a forceful vindication of the word "quietude" in the light of the way Ron Silliman has used it to trivialize 'formalist' (traditional) poetry.

You are the gatekeeper of a haunting imagery I've detected even in your French pieces, the one at the liminal borders of "edges", "thin wires" and laced fingers.

Irina said...

Hello Bobby:

Thanks for stopping by.

Love antiques and loved your blog!

Irina said...

Thank you Conrad - I appreciate the encouragement.

I enjoy a bit of an uphill battle why not continue in the same (traditional) niche? ...:o)...

Luckily enough, poetry being a self-regenerating art nouveau there is hardly any respite for anyone ever stationed on this slippery (poetic) slope.

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