Sunday, June 05, 2011

carte blanche, Montreal and twitter poetry

Number 13 of the literary magazine carte blanche, edited in Montreal, is now on line. 

One of my poems -  Five twitter poems - is part of this number - and you are cordially invited to view it by clicking this -->link.

I was extremely glad to receive news of this poem being accepted for publication -
even more so after having read this article  by poetry editor Patrick McDonagh.


But let's broach for a second the topic of twitter poetry, which is nothing except poetry compressed within the space of 140 characters. 

A topic which begs the question: can this work, writing a poem with only 140 characters? 

And the obvious answer is, in my view: maybe.

Twitter offers the opportunity to write miniscule poems, filiform poems, ant-size poetry, unfinished haikus that can encapsulate spurts of words and images.

It's a poetry that is best suited for open ended poetry constructions - I think. 
It would be a bit more difficult to create a closed ended poetic text, but, it is, of course, within reach.

Here is my version of twitter poetry.

I stop here since it is getting very late.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Time – an echo zipped tight
by dreams.

Beautiful. And poetry in 140 words, my answer also would be the same, 'Maybe'

Blasphemous Aesthete

Conrad DiDiodato said...

Congrats, Irina!

I can't help noticing the similarities between the 'twitter poem' and the Eastern short forms like tanka & cinquain.

Irina M. said...

Thanks's a maybe worth exploring...:o)...

Irina M. said...

Hello Conrad:

Agreed, all short poem 'formulae' that can provide a runway for some playful, imaginative moments...a very short run way.

Thank you.

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