Sunday, June 12, 2011

Puddicombe Poetry Reading

I will be reading poetry at the  2011 "Puddicombe Poetry Reading".

The event is organized by Mr. Conrad DiDiodato, poet, poetry blogger and teacher from Ontario.

Mr. DiDiodato is the author of two blogs dedicated to poetry and poetics:

I am thrilled to be taking part in the "Puddicombe Poetry Reading"  & have been feverishly preparing for the event, whose aim is - in the words of its organizer -   "to address a uniquely Canadian rural poetics." 


annaken said...

Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog. I also, have been invited to read at Puddicombe Poetry Event on Junre 19th.

It will be a pleasure to meet you there and to hear you read your work.

Irina M. said...

Likewise - looking forward to meeting you there!

Thank you for stopping by.

I attempted to leave you a message on your blog, but got a '404' error.



Anonymous said...

How did it go?

Irina M. said...

Hasn't taken place yet...

Anonymous said...


Conrad DiDiodato said...


how nice it was to meet you and your son in Winona today! And, of course, your poetry was delightful. I particularly appreciate the trouble you've taken to compose a special Puddicombe reading series.

Superb! I am honoured.

Irina M. said...

Hello Conrad:

It was a great pleasure for the two of us to meet you and Maria today!

I appreciated the opportunity to be part of this event and to get to know other poets and their work.

The poetry reading you organized today has a theme like no other.

It became important to me to write/respond to this theme.

Congrats on having completed this great get-together!

Best regards,


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