Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poems in French and Issue #207 of "Canadian Literature"

Issue # 207 of Canadian Literature, A Quarterly of Criticism and Review, published by The University of British Columbia is now available in print and online. It's a special issue on Mordecai Richler.

Two of my French poems are included in this issue and can be accessed ->here (under the Poetry section).

The first poem is titled "Galanterie" (Gallantry) -  an odd ode to feelings that bind us and eventually set us free.

The second one is titled  "Marécages à Bruges" (Bayous in Bruges)
Bayous in Bruges is a medalion of several hours spent in the Belgian city on a day of sunshine and drizzle mixed with the distant menace of storms and clouds rolling in from the sea.


Conrad DiDiodato said...

Well done, Irina

I'd like to see a complete book of your French verses.

Irina M. said...

Thank you Conrad, for your support!

I'd like to see it too...beyond the manuscript.

Likewise for my other book of poetry for which I am looking for an editor.

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