Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Connectivism the title of a poetry anthology published by Variety Crossing Press in January 2012. 

Two of my poems are included in this anthology: Island and The Music Pavilion.
Island is a poem that sort of cobbled itself together from notes & a previous post on this blog on the matter of the Embarkation for Cythera.   
As the thought of writing my own version of the Embarkation presented itself, one other thing became apparent.
The poetry previously written on this topic was likely to put a severe damper on the enthusiasm with which one might have originally welcomed the idea of a new Embarkation: standards were high.
So, to start off my poem, and to keep moving ahead through it, I used Watteau’s painting as a vehicle: I projected myself as a character inside his painting. This helped me focus on the issue at hand, rather than on what others previously wrote of Cythera.
The character’s brief monologue was subsequently used to develop the ‘destination’ of the journey and a secondary theme that spun off the embarkation theme.

In the supremely interesting Afterword to the book Orpheus, Don Paterson notes the following:
“Granted its uniquely expressed sense, the poem must be then interpreted, if we are to work out what it means; and by the time we work out what the poem means, no one has any energy left to discuss what that meaning might propose.” 

I subscribe to the idea that explaining poetry is an utterly pointless exercise - hence no such attempts in this post.
Writing about the “mechanics” poetry and the challenge of staying afloat through its vagaries is, however, a more palatable chore. 

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