Saturday, May 06, 2017

A Morning with Squirrels

A relaxing weekend morning.

Two close acquaintances drop by for coffee and share the following story, which I thought to translate.

The Parrot and the Squirrel - a fable by Mr. Jean de La Fontaine

A young parrot was talking more than a woman
and sometimes he was even more eloquent.
"The renegade," they whispered, "is sure to have a soul,
No doubt he can speak with his eyes."

Although his cackle was much admired
the parrot did not have the gift - so rare -
to be liked.
Everyone hated the parrot of the house.

An agile squirrel,
hopping and tumbling about
- almost a clever monkey -
made himself much loved by all,
including the marmot in the yard.

The parrot said:
"Dear fellow,
How do you go about being liked?"
"I beg you - tell me your secret."

The squirrel, who thought the parrot pathetic,
said wisely:

"My chatty friend,

I'm never feared,
I'm playful

- and always mute."

Credit: Wikipedia

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