Saturday, March 03, 2018

Winter Morning Warm-Ups. Three Cons and Pros for Writing a Blog Post

I've pretty much given up on writing blog posts for several reasons:


1. I suddenly hate my blog's somewhat pompous title.

2. Nobody reads my posts, I have a zero - albeit world-wide - audience.

3. My sense is that blogging is a vanishing form of writing, dying a slow death at the hands of Twitter micro-blogging, video blogging, Instagram feeds and the likes. 

So why bother posting a snippet today?

Here are:


 1. I can write in the privacy of my own online POST-IT notes (blog) since no one ever navigates to them. 
See # 2 above under CONS.
This is cool - having a 'go to' place all to myself & accessible from everywhere.

2. Writing nonsense is an extremely enjoyable way of life. [Strongest 'pro' - enough said.]

3. All the keying, arranging and brainstorming for this tiny post serves as a warm-up for the rest of my day.

Especially today, on what shapes up to be another undecided day in a winter to spring journey.

I'm done now.

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